a year of trans love


Almanac Press

Begin Whenever is our first monthly love calendar.

The pages are dedicated to twelve trans authors, poets, artists and activists whose words hold messages that we want to keep close throughout the coming year.

There are no dates written on the calendar so it will never expire. Simply write the dates yourself when you want to use it. 

The project was made possible thanks to Artlab Gnesta for sharing thier risograph printer with us.

Additional huge thanks to Rasmus Eo-Clarke, Res and Sara Kaaman for helping out with production.

︎ 15-25€

NOTE: Our delivery time frames are between 2 weeks to 1 month and we can’t guarantee delivery in time for holidays. Since it’s a limited run you may only buy a maximum of 3 calendars. 

︎︎︎12 months calendar with no dates
︎︎︎260mm x 190mm
︎︎︎150-200 gsm uncoated paper
︎︎︎Comb bound
︎︎︎Risograph printed using 3 colors
︎︎︎Print run of 100

The calendar features
quotes from:

JANUARY /  Beverly Glenn-Copeland
FEBRUARY  /  Billy-Ray Belcourt
MARCH  /  Leslie Feinberg
APRIL  /  Kai Cheng Thom
MAY / Alejandra Ghersi Rodríguez (Arca)
JUNE  / Lou Sullivan
JULY  /  Alok Vaid-Menon
AUGUST  /   Julian K. Jarboe  
SEPTEMBER  /   Andrea Abi-Karam
OCTOBER  /  Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
NOVEMBER  /  Ellen van Neerven  
DECEMBER  /  Juliana Huxtable

All proceeds
︎︎︎ mutual aid

As we are an activist project for trans people in need, you buying this item and anything else we produce means that your money goes directly towards supporting the lives of trans people. Choose an amount based on your income and financial situation:

✧ Leslie: Unemployed, pensioners and workers with irregular, low or minimum wage income.

✧ Lou: Mid-range salaried or freelance workers.

✧ Sylvia: For those who would like to offer more. For institutions and higher income people.


and help us increase our mutual aid pool