Almanac Journal of Trans Poetics

2814-600X ISSN

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The inaugural issue of Almanac Journal of Trans Poetics responds to the theme of Light/Heat. It features the work of 15 trans writers and was released 21 June 2022 on Summer Solstice/Litha. The journal includes long form essays, prose and poetry dealing with love, sex, illness, hormones, and other sticky things.

︎︎︎40 pgs
︎︎︎Staple bound
︎︎︎Offset printed with neon yellow ink
︎︎︎Handstamped cover 
︎︎︎Print run of 300

Adam Azzaro
Daphne DiFazio
Mino Buonincontri
Clay A.D
Jenevieve Ting
Saoirse Wall
El Reid-Buckley
Nadine Rodriquez
Iona Roisin
Teddy Binot
Maya Simkin
Fiadh Hoskin
Simon Hauwaerts
D Mortimer
River Ellen MacAskill
Theo Dunne