Almanac Journal of Trans Poetics

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This issue brings together multiple different experiences and languages relating to sex; vague, exposing, perverted, asexual, relatable, messy, horny, total fantasy. When envisioning this issue we took inspiration from anonymous queer sex parties, darkrooms (all kinds) and graphic design found in porn films and magazines. The colors are slick and inky, inspired by dimmed lights and shadows, condensation of bodies, liquids pooling on a mirror, cool steel on wet skin.


Aava Eronen
astro katari
Boston Gordon 
Camille Auer
Eli Walkden 
Huck Reyes
June T Sanders 
Jules Gleeson
Kiara Barry
Kiltro Tristán
Luciano Houdini
Lex Jones 
Lou Lou Sainsbury
L Scully
Matias Loikala
Nanténé Traoré 
Nadine Chevalier
Punit J. Hiremath 
RA Walden 
Remi Graves
Rey Joichl
Ves Liberta

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