Almanac Journal of Trans Poetics

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In this issue, you’ll find different angles and takes on trans cinema. Featuring 22 contributors — we’ve got pieces on gothic cinema, growing up as a TV kid in the 90s, trans femme film favs, cripness in Cronenberg’s work, love letters to the intimacy of the cinema hall and much more!

Sit back and get comfortable and let us take you on a journey through interviews, essays, comics, YouTube playlists, top favourite movie lists and beautiful, powerful film stills. This one is not to be missed!

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Cherry Nin
Lalu Ozban
Fawzy Taylor
Soleil Ren
April Lin 釱萰
Henry Hanson
chetana k. aashiq
France Rreally
Jo Watters
Len Lukowski
Jo Weinberg
Jaye Hudson
Laurens Saint-Gaudens
Rose Walls
Moss Berke
Bianca Arnold
Sam Moore
HX – Henna Räsänen
Uma Breakdown
Belladonna Paloma
Kit Bithell

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