Six Packin’ #2

Cards for Trans Mutual Aid

Our Six Packin’ series are collections of 6 cards which bring together work from invited artists with archive material from trans publishing throughout history.

The edition is risograph printed in a limited run of 50 packs. 

The project was made possible thanks to Digital Transgender Archive for making trans history available and Artlab Gnesta for sharing thier risograph printer with us.

︎ 8-15€

NOTE: Our delivery time frames are between 2 weeks to 1 month.

︎︎︎6 cards
︎︎︎120mm x 170mm
︎︎︎250 gsm uncoated paper
︎︎︎Clip bound
︎︎︎Risograph printed using 1-3 colors
︎︎︎Print run of 50

PACK #2:

︎︎︎ Photo by Lex Jones and Kiara Barry @handmadesexy @boysenberry
︎︎︎ Subscription form from the Transsexual Voice (June 1992)
︎︎︎ Illustration by Eli Walkden @slvrfshmetalwlf
︎︎︎ Cover of California Unity #3 (April 16-18,1997), a newsletter by the International Foundation for Gender Education 
︎︎︎ “Dreams” advertisment for Gender Services of Chicago. Printed in the Transvestite Magazine #43 (1970) by Cathy Charles Slavik and Empathy Press
︎︎︎ “Follow your fucking dreams” was painted on the back of the jacket of Fleshka in Wet Sand (2021), a film by Elene Naveriani

All proceeds
︎︎︎ mutual aid

As we are an activist project for trans people in urgent need, you buying this item and anything else we produce means that your money goes directly towards supporting the lives of trans people. Choose an amount based on your income and financial situation:

✧ Leslie (8€): Unemployed, pensioners and workers with irregular, low or minimum wage income.

✧ Lou (12.50€): Mid-range salaried or freelance workers.

✧ Sylvia (15€): For those who would like to offer more towards the future building of Almanac Press. For institutions and higher income people.