Six Packin’ #2

Cards for Trans Mutual Aid

Our Six Packin’ series are collections of 6 cards which bring together work from invited artists with archive material from trans publishing throughout history.

The edition is risograph printed in a limited run of 50 packs. 

The project was made possible thanks to Digital Transgender Archive for making trans history available and Artlab Gnesta for sharing thier risograph printer with us.

︎︎︎6 cards
︎︎︎120mm x 170mm
︎︎︎250 gsm uncoated paper
︎︎︎Clip bound
︎︎︎Risograph printed using 1-3 colors
︎︎︎Print run of 50

PACK #2:

︎︎︎ Photo by Lex Jones and Kiara Barry @handmadesexy @boysenberry
︎︎︎ Subscription form from the Transsexual Voice (June 1992)
︎︎︎ Illustration by Eli Walkden @slvrfshmetalwlf
︎︎︎ Cover of California Unity #3 (April 16-18,1997), a newsletter by the International Foundation for Gender Education 
︎︎︎ “Dreams” advertisment for Gender Services of Chicago. Printed in the Transvestite Magazine #43 (1970) by Cathy Charles Slavik and Empathy Press
︎︎︎ “Follow your fucking dreams” was painted on the back of the jacket of Fleshka in Wet Sand (2021), a film by Elene Naveriani